Admiza Marketplace helps small business connect with their community

Admiza Marketplace helps small business connect with their community


It takes a village to flatten the curve. Due to the current reality of COVID-19, it’s difficult for Canadians to access all of the services, support and items that they need. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we help businesses in our community. We have created Admiza Marketplace to connect community members with local businesses that are offering contactless transactions.
Admiza Marketplace makes it easy for people to connect with others in their community and offer various forms of services and support. Additionally, Admiza Marketplace is designed to help people connect with and support local businesses in their neighbourhoods.

Shop Local Businesses
The Shop Local Businesses section in the new Admiza Marketplace category is designed to connect consumers with local businesses in their community. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods, providing the goods and services that make our communities so special to live in. Despite having had many of their operations seriously disrupted due to the current health crisis, a large number of local businesses throughout Canada have begun to adopt contactless transaction options to continue serving their communities.

Admiza Marketplace aims to connect small businesses with their communites by encouraging them to offer at least one of the following solutions:

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Drop-off/Delivery — The business is willing to deliver their items to customers themselves
Shipping — The business is willing to ship their items via a third-party shipping service
Curbside Pickup — The business will provide the item through curbside pickup
Cashless Payment — The business accepts cashless forms of payment including eCommerce, PayPal, etc.
How can you connect?
We have introduced new attributes in several categories to help encourage and facilitate contactless transactions between community members and local businesses, while closely adhering to the social distancing requirements established by Health Canada.

By posting an online advertisement that uses one of the many tags indicated here, such as “”Cashless Payment”” or “”Curbside Pickup,”” small businesses can demonstrate their best practices and instantly connect with members of their community.

Whether you operate a small business or simply wish to connect with and support members of your community, it’s important that we all continue to do our part to prevent the virus from spreading. Creative solutions, like contactless transactions, allow us to help one another while also respecting the community’s continued good health.

Are you a small business offering contactless transaction options? Post your listing here. You can find more information about how posting in the Shop Local Businesses section works here.

Learn how to highlight contactless transaction options in your listing as a private seller here.

Your well-being is our top priority. Consider whether in-person transactions are necessary and visit our Help Desk for more details and guidance. Follow Admiza’s community safety tips for more advice about confidently trading during COVID-19.

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